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Dee Aethelwyne

Imagination Gone Wild

Avery's story can be found on my wattpad account. 

An adorable custom comic about a girl with an overactive imagination.
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Dee Aethelwyne

Samuel Bermúdez


Main Cast
The following images are character drawings  of Ruth, Leo, and Penelope.
Thie story is in the works of being re-written.

Work In Progress

Samuel Bermúdez
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director


Loxi Foxi and the Three Ducks

In the Nest
When the Duck family gets home, they discover someone has broken into their home. Eventually they find her sleeping in one of their nests.
Instagram: orangeape_studio
Tumbler: orangeapestudio
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Shida Shinpan

If Life Were Like Pokemon

I Choose You
This comic is an example of what life would be like for pet owners if we based life off Pokemon.
This is the cover too the comic book.
Instead of a Pokeball, a collar is used to obtain pet.
Shida Shinpan